Realized project! Pharmaceutical factory in Lithuania

Realized project! Pharmaceutical factory in Lithuania

Project’s general director, executive directors and directors have extensive experience in creating and managing a business in the Healthcare Market of Eastern Europe, namely Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania.

In particular in the pharmaceutical sector. As a group, they combine the experience of Western business practices with extensive business networks that are critical to success.

At the moment, we are producing in Poland vitamins private label, which we sell through our own distribution in the amount of about 5 million euros per year with a plan for further increase.

In order to expand the assortment and transfer to our own production of pharmaceutical preparations, we are interested in purchasing and completing commissioning of a pharmaceutical factory in Lithuania. This plant is being built under our direct management and is one of the most modern plants in Europe.

The planned capacity of the Factory in quantitative terms is 40,000,000 packs per year, the average wholesale cost of a pack of 4 euros. Those. at maximum load, the income will be about 160 million euros per year.

Based on the pessimistic scenario and the gradual transfer of private label production to its own Factory, starting in January 2021.

The factory will be equipped with a modern laboratory, which allows you to develop new pharmaceutical preparations, as well as produce high-quality generics of well-known brands.

The cost of the Factory as a business, under a pessimistic scenario, by the end of 2025 can be estimated at about 70 million euros.

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